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December 2010

Santa drops off toys for tots in NSB

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Just weeks before flying across the globe in one night in his magic sleigh, Santa Claus spent Saturday taking a leisurely train ride down the Florida East Coast Railway, delivering toys along the way, with New Smyrna Beach among his eight stops.

Santa dropped off about 325 items just after 10:30 a.m. Saturday, the toys the result of Florida East Coast Railway's toy drive. The toys were headed to the Gifts of Love Coalition in Edgewater to be distributed to different spots throughout the area.

Florida East Coast Railway sets new Service Record for UPS

Jacksonville, Fla. -- Florida East Coast Railway, LLC (FEC), has set another new standard in customer service today by providing 2,000 consecutive days of failure free service to UPS, which is a new record for any transportation company serving UPS. One of FEC’s largest intermodal customers, UPS has a long-standing relationship which has been in existence for well over a decade. During these 2,000 days, stretching from June 9, 2005 through November 28, 2010, FEC handled more than 125,000 intermodal loads, allowing the delivery of more than 200 million packages on time.