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FECR Supports DuPont Pioneer’s Global Supply Chain

Reliability, Connectivity Keep Food on the Table in over 90 countries

DuPont Pioneer is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced seed genetics.  They grow and sell high-quality seeds for corn, soybeans, sunflower, wheat, rice and other products in 90 countries globally.  In order to ship these very time-sensitive products, DuPont Pioneer has developed a multi-modal global supply chain.

One of the critical links in the supply chain is Florida East Coast Railway (FECR).  In addition to its ability to reach 70% of the United States in four days or less, FECR also has exclusive strategic relationships with both Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale and PortMiami

“Florida East Coast Railway’s strategic alliances with South Florida ports deliver significant benefits to customers like DuPont Pioneer, including cost-effective transportation, additional capacity and reduction delays during the shipping process due to highway or port congestion,” said James R. Hertwig, President and CEO, FECR.

When shipments arrive at either of these South Florida ports, containers go directly from ocean carriers to rail, using near-dock and on-dock rail capabilities.  From there the seeds move by rail and ultimately to farmers across the United States.

“Seeds are living organisms,” said John R. Whene, Global Ocean Planner, DuPont Pioneer. “We have a very time-sensitive supply chain.  And, in the agricultural market, there is a small window of opportunity for success.”

The collaborated efforts of FECR and the South Florida ports have provided the reliability that DuPont Pioneer requires as well as removing complexity from the global shipping process.

“There is a solid team in place at the FECR that works well together and we count on that high level of service to meet the DuPont Pioneer needs along with the needs of our customers, the farmers, said Whene.

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