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Shipping via PortMiami and FEC Railway is the Best New Express Route into Orlando
JACKSONVILLE, Fla, (June 22, 2017) – Florida East Coast Railway, in partnership with PortMiami, successfully delivered RaminaTrans’ first shipment of Goya’s famous Cuetara/Maria breakfast crackers from Spain to Florida’s supermarkets.

The move established RaminaTrans USA as the first international logistics operator to unload containers through the railroad in the United States, and the first Spanish freight forwarder to directly transport containers to Orlando.

"This is a great milestone for us. Being the first logistic operator that has loaded and shipped directly with FEC Railway means that this is just the beginning of a great and long relationship that will contribute to growth from both sides, creating something really great," exclaimed Ovidio López, Director of RaminaTrans USA.

The cargo originated from Valencia, Spain and arrived at FEC Railway’s Port of Miami Intermodal Container Facility on a 40’ container late afternoon on Monday, June 19th. Representatives from RaminaTrans and FEC Railway met at the port to see the container double-stacked onto a flatcar at FEC’s on-dock rail ramp before it was shipped to Goya Food’s warehouses in Orlando.

RaminaTrans -PortMiami - FEC Railway

The project, which began in October 2016, marks the beginning of a long-term win-win relationship between Florida East Coast Railway and RaminaTrans.

“Our goal is to benefit FECR with multiple containers and make the process easier for our customers. This container is just a small step that in future will be much larger," says RaminaTrans operations director Pablo Georgakopoulos.

RaminaTrans will benefit from FEC Railway’s infrastructure and rail’s overall ability to efficiently and economically deliver goods to the rest of the country. The key behind the whole process is to take goods from containers directly to final destination without the need for long-haul over-the-road transport.

"RaminaTrans has found shipping via PortMiami and FEC Rail is the best new express route into Orlando," says Lopez.

About FEC Railway:
Florida East Coast Railway has invested in infrastructure to support multi-modal shipping and global trade into and out of South Florida, along with our partners at PortMiami, Port Everglades and Port of Palm Beach. With an on-dock intermodal rail facility at PortMiami and a state-of-the-art Intermodal Container Transfer Facility adjacent to Port Everglades, Florida East Coast Railway provides safe, efficient and reliable intermodal rail service to ocean carriers, reaching 70 percent of the US population within 4 days. FEC Railway also assists with transloading international freight into domestic containers to quickly reach inland markets throughout the U.S.

About RaminaTrans:
With vast experience as forwarders, customs representatives and logistics operators both at domestic and international levels, RaminaTrans offers a comprehensive logistics service for maritime, air and land transport. With rigor, earnestness and transparency RaminaTrans provides shippers with experience and knowledge to make it easier for shippers to make the best and most efficient decision for their companies.

About PortMiami:
PortMiami is Miami-Dade County's second most important economic engine, contributing $41.4 billion annually to the local economy and supporting more than 324,352 jobs in South Florida. It is recognized as the Global Gateway. Miami's unique geographic position makes the Port easily accessible to Caribbean and Latin American markets, as well as those of Asia and Europe by way of the Panama Canal.

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