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Sustainable supply chains
We are committed to providing our customers with sustainable intermodal and carload supply chain solutions, providing reduced:

  • Highway congestion
  • Air pollution
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

A single freight train can take the load of
280 or more trucks – equivalent to
1,100 cars – off overcrowded highways.  

LNG as a fuel Source
We have chosen to use LNG, or liquefied natural gas, as a fuel source for our locomotive fleet, as it is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than traditional fuels. We have Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) concurrence to run LNG as a locomotive fuel for revenue service across our network. We are committed to coordination with all key stakeholders - communities, emergency responders, customers and employees – in regard to our LNG initiatives and provide transparency through our online portal FECR Connect.

For more information on LNG, please contact the Natural Gas Council. 

Illegal dumping
We are concerned about the environmental health of our right-of-way not only on the surface, but also in the soil, groundwater, and air. Illegal dumping of solid or hazardous waste, construction/demolition debris, (and trash in general) can pose a threat to the environment.

To report illegal dumping please contact our Environmental Department at (904) 279-3277.

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