Whatever your Transportation & Logistics needs are, we offer a tailored supply chain solution.

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We deliver on-time service for dry and refrigerated food products, for both carload and containerized goods.


We deliver intermodal solutions for paper products from printing paper to paper towels.

Beverages & Spirits

We offer a variety of options to ship beverages & spirits through flexible service combined with multiple distribution centers across Florida.


From bleach, to batteries,to trash bags, our terminal locations provide shippers unmatched logistical access to suppliers and retailers throughout the State of Florida.


We offer transportation options directly to various retailers.Today, we move a range of goods including clothing, toys,and home decor.

Building Supplies

We service over 30 receivers of lumber and building supplies, moving lumber, sheet rock, flooring, carpet, and tile in bulk.

Aggregate & Cement

We moves hundreds of thousands of aggregate carloads servicing rock distribution centers alone our mainline including the key locations of Miami, Fort Pierce, Cocoa, Daytona,St. Augustine and Jacksonville.

Farm Products

Our location allows shippers throughout North America unmatched logistical access to Florida’s thriving dairy farm industry as well as growing equestrian are as throughout the state.From mid-western corn to Canadian hay, we are an efficient and dependable choice for moving Farm Products into or out of the state of Florida.


We offer a variety o fservices including direct delivery, transload facilities,cross-dock locations and warehouse facilities to meet your logistical needs for shipping foodstuffs,from raw ingredients to packaged products.

Lumber & Wood Products

Our extensive rail to truck transload and warehouse partner network offers economies of rail with the flexibility of localized trucking for products such as dimensional lumber,stud lumber, truss lumber and plywood. Thus utilizing multiple distribution points throughout Florida and extending your market reach without adding overhead.